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AICPE’s Education Excellence Award 2024: Call for Nominations

Nagpur, Maharashtra – July 5, 2024: AICPE Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. is excited to announce the launch of the Education Excellence Award 2024, an initiative to honour the outstanding contributions of teachers in India’s Formal and Special Education Systems. This prestigious award is open to educators from schools, colleges, institutions, coaching classes, computer classes, special skill development courses, and hobby trainers who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and innovation in their field.

Why This Award Matters:

1. Recognizing Excellence: The Education Excellence Award celebrates educators who go above and beyond, acknowledging their dedication and hard work in shaping the minds of future generations. By recognizing these extraordinary individuals, we aim to inspire others to strive for excellence in their teaching practices.

2. Social Impact:  Teachers play a crucial role in building a strong, educated society. Honouring exceptional educators highlights the importance of education and encourages a culture of learning and growth. This award brings to light the incredible efforts of teachers who work tirelessly to make a positive impact on their students and communities.

3. Professional Growth: Winning or being nominated for the Education Excellence Award is a prestigious honor that can significantly boost an educator’s career. It provides recognition among peers, enhances professional credibility, and opens doors to new opportunities in the field of education.

4. Commercial Benefits: For institutions and organizations, having award-winning educators on their team enhances their reputation and can attract more students and partnerships. It serves as a mark of quality and commitment to excellence in education, making them more competitive in the educational landscape.

Award Categories:

  • The Pinnacle Achievers – 

                     Topmost Category, recognizing unparalleled excellence and leadership.

  • The Commitment Champion – 

                     Celebrating teachers who exhibit unwavering dedication and commitment.

  • The Progress Leaders – 

                      Recognizing those who drive continuous improvement and innovation.

  • The Growth Achievers – 

                       Honouring educators who significantly contribute to student and institutional growth.

Event Details:

  • Date: 1st September 2024
  • Location: Nagpur
  • Host: AICPE Educational Services Pvt. Ltd.

About AICPE:

AICPE Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading organization dedicated to providing quality education and training across India. With a network of over 3000 computer institutes nationwide, AICPE is committed to fostering educational excellence and empowering educators to make a significant impact in their communities. Our mission is to create an inclusive and innovative learning environment that promotes lifelong learning and professional development.

Nomination Process:

Teachers who have made remarkable strides in education are encouraged to nominate themselves. The nomination is open to all educators in India’s Formal and Special Education System, as well as those associated with AICPE’s Network. To participate, simply fill out the nomination form available on the AICPE website. The last date for submissions is 31st July 2024.

Notable Nominations So Far:

  • Faiyaz Alam Khalili, Vedanta Computer Training Institute
  • Suraj Sahu, Commence Academy
  • Satish Prabhakar More, More Computer
  • Babasaheb Maruti Khilari, Yuvatech Computer Institute
  • Shyam Kishor, Indira Gandhi Computer
  • Raj Kumar Singh, Sidharth Computer Education
  • Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Soft Skill Zone
  • Rajkumar Ghanshyam Bangare, Raj Computer and Typing Institute
  • Sanjay Arjun Sonawane, Shubham Computers Net Services
  • Pawan Kumar Tiwari, Divya Computer Center
  • Ajeet Kumar, Robotics Computer Institute
  • Abhitabh Sharma, Krishma Education Society
  • Prashant Laxman Chitale, Success Computer Center
  • Santosh Ghanshyam Pardeshi, Mahant Nilgiriji Computer
  • Shriram Raul, Kunjal Computer Academy
  • Imteyaz Ahmad, Zi Solution
  • Siddhesh Vilas Nikharge, Shree Siddhivinayak Computers
  • Rukunu Rikha, Capital Training Institute
  • Mukesh Kumar, IBM Computer Education
  • Paras Kumar, Gyan Prabha
  • Sanjay Singh, Lakshya Academy of Computer Education
  • Anil Vaman Shrungare, Yashodhan Computer Education
  • Koushal Dattuprasad Tiwari, Shweta Computers
  • Sunita Devi, Alfa College of Education and IT
  • Rakesh Sharma, Vivekanand ICMT Computer
  • Atul Pandya, Angel Computers
  • Uwais Amin, Think and Win Technologies
  • Sultan Ahmed, Megasoft Educations

Join us in recognizing and celebrating the champions of education who inspire, innovate, and lead the way to a brighter future. Submit your nomination today and be part of this distinguished honour!

For nominations, please fill out the Google Form –

Last Date for Nominations: 31st July 2024

Don’t miss this opportunity to honour the educators who shape the minds of tomorrow. Nominate today and be part of this celebration of educational excellence!

For more information, visit the AICPE website : or contact us at 8421956789

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