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According to a report, the typical smartphone user checks their device 70–80 times a day

<p>According to a new survey released on Monday, 50% of Indian smartphone users pick up their phones without understanding why they fired them up.</p>
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<p>A average smartphone user answers their phone between 70 and 80 times a day, according to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a multinational management consulting organization.</p>
<p>According to Kanika Sanghi, Lead – Centre for Customer Insights India, “our research shows that about 50% of the time consumers do not have clarity on why they pick up the phone — they do so out of habit.”</p>
<p>Based on over 1,000 consumers’ real click/swap data and in-depth customer interviews performed across India, the report’s conclusions are supported.</p>
<p>Furthermore, 45–50% of customers are highly clear about the work at hand, while 5–10% are just somewhat clear. These findings are reported in the study.</p>
<p>Nimisha Jain, Senior Partner and Managing Director at BCG, said, “Smartphones are evolving—the recent flurry of discussions in media and at industry events on themes like ‘AI on device’ or ‘app-less experience through Gen AI’ is a testament to that evolution.”</p>
<p>The survey also noted that 50–55 percent of Indian smartphone users’ time is spent on streaming applications, along with gaming, socializing via messages and calls, shopping, and browsing for information on employment, travel, and hobbies. Indian smartphone users particularly like streaming short- and long-form video material.</p>

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