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Punjab’s “state icon” for the Lok Sabha election is Shubman Gill

<p>Cricket player Shubman Gill has been named a “state icon” by the Punjab Chief Electoral Officer’s office. Shubman Gill, a cricket player and citizen of Punjab, would help ensure that more than 70% of the votes are cast in the general election, according to Chief Electoral Officer Sibin C.</p>
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<p>He said that Gill will run initiatives to raise voter awareness in order to meet the “Is Vaar 70 Paar” goal. Tarsem Jassar, a musician from Punjab, has previously been named a “state icon.”</p>
<p>According to Sabin C., all Deputy Commissioners were requested to pinpoint the regions where the last elections’ voting percentage was low at a meeting that took place last Friday. He said Shubman Gill and Tarsem Jassar will launch awareness campaigns and make pleas in certain regions.</p>

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